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What is Project WALL-E?

In 2008 Disney released WALL-E, a movie about a robot that spends his days tidying up earth one piece of garbage at a time. The robot was called WALL-E: Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth class.

In August, your Board of Directors initiated a plan to tidy up Walkers Ridge one common area at a time and wanted a fun name for the effort. Hence, Project Wall-E was born:

Walkers Ridge Amenities Land Reallocation Legacy - and Enrichment Program

Yes it’s a mouthful, honestly we just liked the movie and made it fit (insert smiley face).

So what is it with all this super hero kid stuff? Why can’t we just cut to the chase without all this embellishment? To that we ask: Why So Serious? Some friends now understand that WALL-E is our plan to clean up, fix up, and upgrade Walkers Ridge to the benefit of everyone (think consistent property value growth). The question we ask you to ask yourself: With So much at stake. Why not join the cause? Why not connect everyone?!

What are the next steps?

Over the next few weeks our new Block Captains will go door to door collecting information to help us unify the neighborhood. We want to reconnect/connect every home in Walkers Ridge to website by Thanksgiving. Winter is coming and we don’t want anyone to be left out in the cold. No one likes to feel like they are missing out on news and safety alerts at effect their family and investments. Please support the efforts of these Captains and know that this is not related to any HOA business! The goal is to have everyone living in Walker’s Ridge connected to one another.